Our Services

The founders of Back in Action Clinic are international sports people who understand and recognise the emphasis and strain placed upon today's society to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle to aid them to deal with everyday stresses.

The Clinic, with its location within David Lloyd provides sports medicine services to help prevent and/or administer treatment to any injuries acquired by the general public. This in turn will enable them to reach their true potential whether their ambitions are Olympic, British, Welsh, Province or just recreational.

Here are some of the services we offer. For more information or to make a booking please contact us using the details above.

Before a treatment plan can be formulated a senior Physiotherapist will assess you. The assessment consists of taking an injury history and asking questions relating to your complaint. This in turn will be followed by a physical examination of the injured area. This assessment can include; range of movements, muscle testing, postural assessment, as well as a biomechanical analysis if required.

Dependent upon the results of the assessment an individual treatment plan will be devised. It will consist of a combination of different modalities and techniques required for a hasty, yet complete treatment of the injury. These may include - electrotherapy, deep tissue massage, manipulation, mobilisation etc.

Where we differ from other Physiotherapy clinics is due to our Physio's expertise in the area of Rehabilitation. Each client is issued with an individual rehabilitation programme that will assist and complement the manual therapy that the Physio performs. This could be in the environment of a pool, gym or home.

Research shows that massage can aid muscles to recover quickly from previous training sessions. This in turn means that players/athletes who frequently have massages can speed up the elimination of these toxins from their body, therefore enabling them to be effective and efficient each and every training session. A Physiotherapist will carry out the massage.

In today's society, our bodies are constantly being stressed to their maximum, both in terms of work and social environments. Muscles are tightening and postures are altering, causing more stress and tension within the body. Remedial massage is designed to re-educate and stretch these muscles, which will help to alleviate muscle tension and soreness as well as headaches and incorrect posture.